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Imagine Surf was founded in 2006 by a handful of surfers and paddlers that imagined living a lifestyle of fun and adventure. They imagined dawn patrol surfs and sunset bonfires. Epic river trips with friends and fun coastal runs with family, exciting fishing missions and crossing the finishing line in front. Escaping the grind and filling their weeks with daily escape. So they used their imagination and dreamed big! Those dreams came true and Imagine has now grown to be one of the most fun, authentic, and exciting paddleboard brands on the market. They are constantly inspired by this amazing sport and humbled at how it changes lives.

Dave battles through the rigors while training his newest crew of ocean going adventure seekers.

Defining the Audience

Imagine Surf's reach spans well beyond their familiar audience of niche-sport enthusiasts. Dave Kalama (Imagine Surf's brand ambassador and front-man), provides an example of their expansive target via a series of clinics dubbed "Kalama Kamps" in which Dave provides a baseline of fundamentals from technique to best practices in fitness and safety on Imagine Surf products. What has proven evident is how Imagine Surf's product offering appeals to a broad range of consumers from all walks of life.

Inspirational Messaging

Based on our understanding of the audience we positioned the brand around a centralized driver and brand mantra, “We Make Paddleboarders.” At the heart of the brand is a community of like minded enthusiasts. Born into the sport through their passion and encouraged by their ongoing dedication to teach and inspire those who are so compelled to share their love for the sport with others. This messaging was infused into the brand at every level.

Design & Story Telling

A single image may say it all, but don't forget — someone has to be there to hold the camera. Escape to a paradise one can only Imagine until it is staring back at you — through a lens, as it jumps off the page of your favorite magazine, or better yet — surrounds your senses as you round the next bend. A truly rarified experience captured in time and channeled toward a world of readied adventurers.

Brand Identity

Early into the 2015 product cycle a rebranding effort was underway. We began with symbolism and messaging that exemplifies their passion for the water and dedication to a community of fun and adventure seekers like themselves. Using a bold logo mark and playful typography, their logo was reborn.


This is one of the rare instances where design imitates life. My personal history and passion for marine sports and outdoor lifestyle influence much of our design direction. Imagine Surf's team of ambassadors and in house photographers capture all of the incredible imagery we use in our media. And to think - we are so very few putting this all together. A product manager, a designer, a shaper (who is undeniably the best ambassador this brand could ask for), and of course those we all lean on for support close to home. Imagine Surf is a true testament to grass roots brand building.

Garrett Scotti / Designer