• Bridging the Gap Between Social Strategy & eCommerce


Imagine Surf is a lifestyle brand that has harnessed the organic growth of the paddle sports community. For what is now a highly recognizable brand in the marine sports industry, their evolution began as mere participants in the sport. A pure passion for surf and paddle sports drive them ahead as legendary watermen and women are drawn to Imagine Surf’s nucleus of adventurous spirits. All of whom lend a wealth of experience and knowledge to an ever expansive array of product. In collaboration with Imagine Surf, we have tailored their online presence to one that engages the user, defines their culture, and ultimately drives commerce.

Developing Digital Styles & Brand Standards

As Imagine Surf’s expansion intensifies internationally, anticipating design trends in emerging markets is a critcal part of the design process while maintaining consistency with the brand's historic ID and colorways. Selecting product and action imagery that relays the adventurous spirit and technical nature of the brand underscores our development of a minimalist graphic styling that excentuates the dynamic imagery.

Responsive Design

Easing navigation while elevating the touch experience for mobile devices proved imperative once a preliminary audit of Imagine Surf's online portals was complete. Replacing the less sophisticated roll-out menus with a large responsive mega-menu maximize hit areas for usability. The addition of large buttons and swipe gestures to the UI promote a simple and efficient user experience.

Culture & Lifestyle

Appreciation for its community and the passion instilled in those that share their enthusiasm, are what make up the culture and lifestyle of the Imagine Surf brand. We share that history and appreciation front and center on their home page. Immersive video highlighting the essence of Imagine Surf’s past and present is coupled with social and promotional content, along with direct links to product details and additional media.

Contextual Storytelling

The heart and soul of the brand is their Imagine Family. As individuals, they are driven by a sense of adventure. Together, they are dedicated to the ongoing development of the brand. As participants, they use Imagine Surf product in a variety of environments and to obtain specific goals. Creating a direct connection between the individual, the product, and its use is a key driver in escalating a path to purchase.

eCatalog to eCommerce

Historicaly reliant on a global network of distributors to procure new sales channels, Imagine Surf’s social strategies and an ever expansive audience has encouraged them to develop a robust eCommerce platform. With thoughtfull interaction and consideration of eCommerce best practices, we are streamlining the informational eCatalog to facilitate a seemless shopping experience.

Technology Landing Pages

In collaboration with Imagine Surf’s product manager it was determined the nature of thier offerings require a simplified narrative of the production process, complete with contextually relevant links to related products.

Product Presentation

Unique products demand a unique and intuitve presentation. Action, origination, usability and features are highlighted in an informative but concise display of imagery and content. Engaging the user with only the most relevant details needed to make an informed purchase.


"Keeping it simple" — in terms of creating an elevated shopping experience for the user, means you can usually expect a less than simple process in development. In this case, the front-end User Interface (UI) is intuitive and engaging. As we move ahead toward the 2018 launch of this new eCommerce platform, the Imagine Surf team has eased the development process by providing explicit detail and an elightened perspective of their well informed consumer audience. A sure-fire formula to producing a first-rate consumer experience.

Garrett Scotti / Developer